Figuring it all out…and a secret!

Over the past year I have spent a lot of time researching the field, making contacts, networking, blog stalking…trying to learn learn LEARN! 

It wasn’t until late August I really had the confidence to say “hey, I’m looking to build my portfolio, can I use you / your child for a model?”  Well fortunately for me, I had some AMAZING people step forward and say yes.  Actually,  quite a few found me and asked me!  YAY! 

So as a thank you for everyone who has helped me out in 2010, I would like to do something fun for them.  It’s nothing big, as I am just starting out and I don’t have a lot to give at the moment.  None the less, it’s still something.  A thank you for all of this craziness while I was figuring it all out. 

BUT I can’t tell you what it is yet…it’s a secret.  AND since I think the date 01.11.11 looks just as cool as 01.01.11 I will wait until then to tell you what it is.


Oh and because I can’t have a post without a picture…a tractor…and no, this has nothing to do with the “secret”.


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