January…it’s cold…but FUN!

So, to completely contradict myself and the “please note” section located under Investment, I am going to list session prices for January.  These prices will most likely be changing a bit in February.  Make sure to read the entire post as there is a little “catch” to the offer, however, it’s still a really great one! 

All fees and prices are subject to PST and GST.

Platinum Session Fees:  These are designed for the sessions that require a little “somthin’ extra”.  This would include infant session, large family sessions (7 members or more) as well as the Senior plus Grad session (no this does not mean grandma and grandpa and the grad, it’s for highschool seniors).  This will be $119.99…January SPECIAL…25% off.  So the grand total will be 89.99!  OR you can pay $119.99 and receive $90.00 in product credit!

Gold Session Fees:  This is the standard sitting fee for Vanessa Savage Photography.  The standard session will cover Maternity, Family, Baby, Child,Couple / Engagement Sessions, Grad, or Senior Sessions.  (The difference between the Grad AND Senior session vs Grad or Senior is explained a bit better under the investment tab).  This will be $99.99 plus tax…January SPECIAL…25% off.  So the grand total will be 74.99!  Or you can pay $99.99 and receive $75.oo in product credit!

Sound like something you’re interested in?  There’s a catch…These prices are only applicable to sessions booked IN January. 

Email me (found under the contact page) or call me 873.1630.  I would be happy to answer any questions you may have and I can send you some more detailed information via email or even snail mail!

Also…yes there’s more…I am taking a limited number of sessions this month.  One spot is gone already so please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested.

January…it’s cold…but FUN! 

I have posted some pictures of a couple of sessions I had done in December.  Both sessions were done on relatively cold days (around -10 to -13 degrees C).  Both involved little people and they weren’t bothered by the cold too much.  We can take breaks to warm up those fingers and toes as well.  Winter family pictures can be absolutely stunning.  The white clean backdrop the snow provides is just plain beautiful!  Family sessions include indoor and outdoor images as well.  This can be your own home, or we could change it up and do something completely unexpected!  It’s up to you!  These Sessions are designed around YOU and what YOU want! 


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