100 times and counting…

So, I wanted to do something fun…something little for having 100 fans like the page.  (Yes, thankyou already existing, personal Facebook fans…I appreciate the love!  AND thank you to everyone who has liked my page who aren’t my personal friends, each and every one of you is appreciated!)

I’ve decided on something little.  Like I said, I’m new and I don’t have a lot to give.  So I am going to take all of the clients from the past year and list them in no specific order.  I will then go to random.org and have it generate a number to find a winner!  SEE it pays to be a client!  THEN I will design a Facebook badge!  It will be a longer image similar to what I have for my business page profile picture.  I will design it around one of their images and they can use it for their profile! 

So here we go…

2.  Kowal (kids)

1.  Ernst

3.  Bladen (images not posted)

2. Woolsey

3.  Sharp

4.  McKenzie

5.  Bodas (images not posted)

6.  Carteri/Weisbrod (images not posted)

7.  Kowal (family)

8.  Steinhaeusser / Taylor

9.  Trann

10.  Edmonson (images not posted)

11.  Honeyman / Vanderzwan (images not posted)

12.  Schultz

I will go to Random.org later today and choose the winner!  Then I’ll get workin’ on your fancy schmancy new profile pic! 

Thanks again everyone!

This is what I mean by a Facebook badge.  I will design it around the colour scheme of the clients image.  It’s going to be FUN!


True Random Number Generator 1 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

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One response to “100 times and counting…

  1. courtenay

    ooooooo i hope its me…our anniversary is tomorrow would love to win!!! come on random.org

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