New Beginnings

So I decided I would enter a 52 week photography challenge.


For the next 52 weeks I will post an image that is “themed” and goes along with a group I am following on Flickr.  I found the challenge through Paint The Moon Photography …she’s the creator of the group.  Anyhoo, the theme this week was “new beginnings”.  So last night I made my submission…it was just fine and dandy…then I got thinking.  The point of a 52 week challenge was not to cheat the first week.  ha ha ha.  I took an image that was CLEARLY taken about 8 and half months ago…edited it a bit…then submitted it.  SO this morning I actually set out…took a picture for the project, and here it is.  It’s my girls, in the morning…still in their pajamas.  A “new beginning” to their new day!  I think they will be my subjects for a large portion of this challenge.

I will include the image I had originally submitted…clearly this does not fit the criteria for my photography challenge.  Oh well, she’s cute and sweet and I was tired.

Thanks for checkin’ it out!




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2 responses to “New Beginnings

  1. albert burrows

    its going to be great, to watch your pictures change and evolve.if your first one is this good, I can hardly wait for the rest of year

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