It all starts with a New Year…s BABY!

I am so happy to be able to post my very first session blog post!  What better way to start off a new business, with a new year and a brand new baby!  I can’t express how grateful I am every time someone approaches me for a photography session.  When I was asked to take this little ones newborn images I almost jumped up and down on the spot!  I think it was obvious from my reaction, I was completely and utterly excited about the whole thing.  Well about one month later, here he is…and is he PERFECT!  What a beautiful little man you have!  AND to top it off he happens to be our towns NEW YEARS BABY!  YAY!  He’s practically a celebrity! 

Thank you so much for this opportunity!  It’s one I hope I am blessed with again a few more times this year.  I absolutely love babies!  Their newness, their innocence, the way they smell!  OH and even when they have a little “accident” on my sleeve!  He he he I absolutely do not mind one bit…I am a mother of two, it happens quite regularly.  I hope you like the little sneak peek I have for you. 

Again, from the bottom, top and sides of my heart…THANK YOU!    



I will post a few more later on…I just wanted to get a few up for you to look at.  I will keep editing and add some more of the little cutie pie!



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