Yes…I like the way the date looks…so I decided to make this the day of my client contest / giveaway! 

I really can’t say enough how much I appreciate everyone who took the time to allow me to photograph them or their children.  Portrait sessions can be stressful, they take planning, they take time!  AND these fabulous people gave me their precious time without even really knowing what their images would turn out like.  It was a huge learning curve for me, and I’m glad I did it the way I did.  I allowed myself time to get to know my camera, my lenses, my style…how I am with people…EVERYTHING it takes to be a photographer.  I could sing a song about how much this means to me…but I won’t, it would probably do more harm than good ;-).  SO I will get on with it and tell you about the contest.  

This is for everyone who has allowed me to take their photo last year, ordered proofs or prints and allowed me to show fans and friends on Facebook.  I really believe this is a great way to spread the news about a new business and to allow people to see what I can do.  Without your images, I would have nothing and I would be asking people to pay for a session…based on…well nothing!  So, you are all entered into this “contest” because you guys are awesome and I am so grateful for you all!

here’s how it works…

I will put an album on my Facebook page called “My Fabulous 2010’s”

There will be an image of my choice from each session within that album.

Whoever gets the most “likes” on their image will win!

The contest will end on Saturday at 11:00 a.m.  I will announce the winner later that day! 

What do you win?  Well I had mentioned before, I am brand new to the business, and being brand new means you don’t have a lot to give.  I will give the winner an 11×14 standout of their image.  I currently do not have an example of what a standout is…but it’s going to look great and would be an amazing addition to the decor in your home.  Here again, I’m asking you to TRUST ME!  he he he, I am a pretty trust worthy individual…so I’ll just say…it’s going to look GREAT!

So, if you want to win, you best be telling your friends to vote or “like” your image!  There will be some tough competition since I really think you all had some great sessions!  You are all ridiculously photogenic and I love them all!  Only one like per person!  They must choose their favorite and like just one…once.  This can be a blast if you really get involved in it…so have some FUN!

In conclusion…THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!  I really truly appreciate you all.  I hope I will be able to capture more of your images in the future.  The great thing about meeting clients is I also get to make some great friends! 



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