Lets do 52 – 2

This is week 2 of let’s do 52! 

The theme this week is both Togetherness and Metal.  I found something I think could fit in both!  It’s an image of my favorite pendant.  To some, it’s just a necklace.  To me, it represents everything important to me.  My mom and dad gave this to me for Easter, the Easter my Ava was still in the N.I.C.U in RUH.  It symbolizes my love for my babies, me as a mother, the importance my children hold in my life, and the lessons I have been taught by the best mother in the world!  I am very fortunate to have her and think my children are very fortunate to have her as well.  I take pride in being a mother, a good one, and I learned it all from her. 




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  1. Cindy Reaume

    My dear sweet Vanessa, you and your brother are my whole world and you two were an absolute blessing for dad and i. We are both so very proud of you and the struggles you have gone through when your sweet little Ava was born sick. Your worries and sleepless nights we far beyond anything that a first time mother should ever have to go through. I am honored to be your mother and the grandmother to your two beautiful daughters.

    Love you with all my heart!!!!

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