January Session Prices!

I’m gearing up to finalize my price list and post it under the investment tab on my blog.  I will give you a tid bit of information…prices will be changing.  I have attended some business management workshops and am getting close to working out all of the kinks.  If you want to take advantage of some AMAZING deals, book a session in January.  There are only a few left, so make sure you don’t miss out! 

The regular session fee for January only is $74.99 or $99.99 with $75.00 towards print credit!

The session fee designed for newborns and large family sittings for January only are $89.99 or $119.99 with $90.00 in print credit!

There are only a couple of session dates left, it is cold, but we can definitely make January work for you!  Outdoor photos in the snow are stunning!  I am going to be doing some of my own shortly!  There is also the option of doing some of your photos indoors. 

To contact me, check out the contact tab in the top right corner of the blog!  You can message me on Facebook as well if you happen to have found this through there.  Don’t hesitate to ask questions!  I would love to hear from you!



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