I can promise!

Well I was hootin’ and hollerin’ this morning on Facebook about fun new things!  Well, one has to do with a baby…NOPE…not me, you’ll just have to guess with that one.  The other is…I’m booking weddings for the summer of 2011!  I’ve had several inquiries, and yes, I am most definitely taking on weddings!  I couldn’t be more excited!  I’ve found myself an assistant, I’m working on the details, and I’m already dreaming of the beautiful brides and their dapper grooms!  There’s something so special about being asked to capture that moment in a couples life.  It’s a HUGE responsibility I take very seriously and I am so grateful for this tremendous opportunity. 

I don’t know how to explain this.  I am an artist, maybe it’s something to do with artsy characters.  It’s something about being there during…the moments.  Being able to capture that moment in time and holding onto its beauty forever.  It’s this fire I have inside…I just HAVE to do this! 

Well if I’ve caught the attention of some of my friends and family and they’ve decided to read this…you all knew I was a little different…this just confirms that.  Ha ha ha.  I am so excited to have been asked today to capture those moments for, who I now call, my most favourite bride and groom ever!  You gain that status when you are the first to book with me.  He he he sorry to those who follow, I will think of equally charming pet names. 

I love to have fun, I love to laugh, and I hope with EVERY session or wedding I book…I am able to bring some of that with me…and I hope you will find me funny…at least once!  Unfortunately I wasn’t gifted with the funny bone handed to such radio host cousins or one particularly humorous brother.  However, I should be given an A for effort!  With that, I can promise I will be able to capture your wedding day beautifully! 

And…since I’m feeling the wedding vibe, I’ll post pictures of one of my favorite couples!  You tho cute!




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3 responses to “I can promise!

  1. manuela

    this is awesome!!!!!!

  2. Auntie Connie

    Very nice Ness, again you are such a talented young lady and I know you will do great with this, you have a huge heart and the determination to make this work. Again, I am so very proud of you!!!!!

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