Grads…a session for YOU

GRADS!  I want to write a blog post dedicated to you!  This way, if you’re taking a peek or if you happen upon the blog in a few months and need some info…HERE IT IS! 

I want to provide you, as a Senior in the Northeast, a  sessions you will never forget.  I want your session to completely personalized, fun…BEAUTIFUL, modern…and I want to listen to YOU!  If we work TOGETHER we can create something just for you…something you’ll want to show off over and over again.  It’s the biggest milestone in your young lives and it should be celebrated! 

You are an individual and we should highlight that in a creative personal way.  I kid you not, I constantly think about how an old farm-yard, car, buildings, bridges, roads, trees…lakes…(I think you’re probably getting the picture) EVERYTHING could be used to create amazing images for Seniors in the Northeast.  I am passionate about every bit of photographing individuals and making their unique personality shine trough, beautifully!  Just the thought of spending our sessions finding the perfect spot and capturing unreal images gets me giddy!   Now no one ever said I was uber cool!  (ha, uber…picked that up from my younger brother).  It’s probably old…but it makes me feel younger saying it.  So, don’t expect to be wowed by some savvy, hip, artist!  Okay…the artist part is right…it’s just the hip savvy part I need to work on.  The only thing I ask of you is to laugh at one of my jokes…just once.  ;-). 

I like to make promises and I like to keep them.  I can promise you I will LISTEN to everything you ask.  I can promise I will STRIVE to my greatest depths to CREATE the images of your DREAMS!  I can promise my PASSION for photography will SHINE through in each and every one of your photos.  I can promise your session will be for YOU!

Please contact me and I can outline the three different sessions I have created for Seniors.  I would love to chat with you about your session and what we will do to ensure it is what you want.  I have a vision for every session I do, and usually, it turns out WAY better than I could ever imagine!  That’s because it has everything to do with the individual in the session.  Most of my favourite images happen to be those captured in “the moment” or when the person in that photo is just being who they are!  It’s pretty tough to “create” moments, they just happen…and I am so honoured to be able to capture them!



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