Lets Do 52 – Week 3

How fitting!  The theme for this week was “doors” and “abandoned”!  Ha ha ha perfect since I managed to miss submitting, therefore abandoned my project!  However, I forced myself out today in this beautiful warm weather and took some images of some abandoned barns and an old school-house.  You will have to forgive me, some of the images weren’t the best of quality due to a large amount and I mean a LARGE amount of snow that decided to fall immediately once I began this project!  SO I doctored them up to look old…like the subjects themselves. 

I think I have mentioned before, I LOVE old things!  I love checking out old farm houses or barns that have long been forgotten.  I often wonder what went on inside those walls when those homes were in their glory.  Their character and uniqueness says something about those who chose to construct them in that fashion.  Attention to detail and quality not often found on the homes constructed today.  Someday, I am going to purchase an old farm-house and restore it back to its prime.  I LOOOOVE old homes and can’t wait for the day when I can call one my own!

AND since most of the old homes I would love to photograph are tucked away under a blanket of snow, I will wait until summer to capture them.  However, I am able to share with you some old structures found along the back roads near Tisdale.  They are beautiful in their own way…



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