Framing Those Beautiful Faces!

I have been juggling this idea for months now.  I found this awesome little company…that’s growing and growing and not really so little anymore!  They provide B.E.A.UTIFUL frames for professional photographers to supply to their clients.  What drew me to them at first was their uniqueness and beauty!  They are stunning and I would LOVE to have them all over my home!  After I began following them, I quickly learned there are some amazing people behind those beautiful frames!  I’ve contacted them on several occasions inquiring about their product.  Each and every time they have been wonderful!  It’s not wonder they are doing so well!

So now I’m wondering if it’s something you think Northeast Saskatchewan would be interested in!  I’m new to this whole small business thing…but that doesn’t mean I can’t recognize something great!  I would love to bring in a few samples and have them for display as well as the option to purchase them and incorporate them into my collections.  There are so many options with these beauties!  They work beautifully with Newborns right up to Wedding portraits.  I’m not looking to make a huge profit on them, I want to be able to offer something unique to my clients as a sort of “thank you” for investing in my photography.  I figure something like this would be an amazing asset to my small business and would do a WONDERFUL job at framing all of those beautiful faces I have the privilege of photographing!

As you can see, there are so many beautiful options with these frames!  I may just have to order some for myself…even if they don’t generate too much interest! 

I had placed an entry on their blog a while ago to see if I could win one of these little beauties!  Anyone can join I believe!  Anyhoo…this is an example of one of the frames painted in their “parchment”.  How perfectly sweet is that?

Yep…so that’s just an idea I have floating around in my head!  I hope to have some for display this spring!  OR if any of my clients think they may be interested in custom ordering a beautiful frame to compliment their favorite session image(s)…let me know!



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