My Little Charmer

I was soooooo very excited to be asked to do a baby session for my dear friends!  I just couldn’t wait to meet this little man and catch up with his wonderful mommy and big sister.  I made the trip out to the farm on a rather chilly day…seems to be a trend here…sessions are held on RIDICULOUSLY cold days!  What do I expect when living in Tisdale Saskatchewan and I’m shooting on the last day in January…right?!

I just melted when I met this little man!  Judging from the images and the looks I was getting, it’s easy to see how I officially name him “My Little Charmer”!  He LOVED having his photo taken and seemed to smile every time I would step closer and have the camera in front of him.  He is simply perfect and I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity. 

I love taking a look at the people I grew up with and seeing where we are in our lives.  We haven’t been out of highschool long and we’ve already started so many amazing journeys and BEAUTIFUL little families!  There’s something so special and fun about looking at little ones and seeing their parents shine through those adorable little personalities and features.  He’s absolutely perfect and soooo very sweet…I wouldn’t have expected anything else!

Thanks so much!  He really is my little Charmer!




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