Boy oh BOY!

I absolutely LOVE having my little girls!  They are so sweet and so fun and soooo cute!  But sometimes a girl likes to change it up.  My past photo sessions…okay excuse me…ALL of my baby sessions have been boys!  That doesn’t take away from their uniqueness and their individuality.  These baby boys have been FULL of personality and are absolutely the most adorable little men ever.

This is where I will introduce Little Mr. D.  He is one lucky little man!  He has two beautiful adoring big sisters and a Mommy and Daddy who obviously love him more than words can describe.  When I arrived, he was chillin’ with his Grandma all snuggled up and ready for some photos…or so I thought.  There was no fooling this little man!  He was so alert and so ready to try to figure out what we were up to.  Right from the beginning he was in no mood to sleep through the action.  However, even though he put in a valiant effort…we prevailed and were able to capture a few while he was off in dream land. 

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share with you, some of the most precious time we are given as parents.  Those tiny fingers, those tiny toes, and that sweet curled form doesn’t last long enough.  Enjoy your little man to the fullest, as I know you will, and relish in his tiny innocence.  Before you know it he will be running around getting into all sorts of fun with his big sisters!




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