Snow Day…and a bit of a thank you!

What a day!  This winter has been full of the white stuff!  The temperature hasn’t been too bad…we haven’t been stuck in, what feels like, an eternal deep freeze like winters in the past.  It’s days like today I really start thinking about summer.  Warm breezes, gorgeous sunsets, okay even the occasional summer rain.  I really must say…we could use a drier one this year…just puttin’ it out there for ol’ mother nature to think about.

Dreaming of warm summer days has me dreaming about the fun stuff I will be doing this spring and summer.  Weddings, Grads, Family Sessions…babies, kids…okay I love it all.  I absolutely flippen LOVE photography!  I love it so much I toss in a flippen!  I am already booking into the spring and summer and am soooo very grateful for everyone who has stepped into my life due to this venture.  I have met, and am going to meet, the most amazing people!  So far, everyone has been so patient with everything. 

This is a huge learning curve for me!  The most difficult part is the part behind the office door.  I am new to running a business, and although I knew it was a difficult thing before hand, I still find myself struggling at times.  I may be a little hard on myself…I am probably my own worst critique, but I also know I am absolutely 100% ready and able to do this job.  I always new I needed to find something I am good at, something for me.  This is it!  I am an artist at heart, always have been.  I was the quiet one colouring in the corner as a kid, the one who would “whip up” the art project in school in a matter of minutes…it comes naturally.  This whole journey has been natural, felt right…made me shed a few tears (yeah, I’m also ridiculously emotional), but made me feel like ME!  I fully believe when you love something, when you are passionate about something, that something will come to you and will go so much better than trying to fit into a role you were told to do.  Aaaaand, here I’ve gone and blabbed for far too long. 

My passion for this business runs deep.  It’s something I am in love with, something I am doing for me…and as selfish as that may sound…I don’t think there’s anything else I could do that would fit any better than this.  I put every bit of that passion into every session I do.  I really do mean it when I say I want to do your photos, capture your moments and portray them beautifully.  No matter what it is…Wedding, Graduation, Family, Newborn…absolultely any and all of them get me so excited and I am so grateful for every opportunity I am given. 

Thanks so much to everyone who has placed their faith in me.  I will do everything in my power to ensure your investment is what you were looking for.  A gift from my heart to you!




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