Two little peas…and a couple of bugs!

First of all, I need to slap myself on the wrist, this blog post should have been up yesterday.  BUT as momma in this post understands, family ALWAYS comes first…and I am a busy lady with my two little ones.  I love being a mother and that’s my first career…my second, thank god, is now photography!  Each and every session I do makes me fall more in love with the process from beginning to end.  I LOVE meeting new people, new families and especially new little ones. 

I can’t even tell you how excited I was when I was called to do this session.  I got off the phone and my husband looked at me as though I was nuts!  BUT I got a big hug when I told him what I was asked to do.  Photograph TWIN baby girls!  Ugh ,how exciting! 

My mom and auntie are identical twins and their bond is both amazing…and rather creepy at times.  ha ha ha.  I’m allowed to say that, that comes with being my mom and auntie.  They do things like:  Buy my grandpa the exact same card or book for his birthday, get the exact same hair cut or say the exact same things.  They even know when something is up with the other…they just know. 

That’s why I find twins so fascinating and exciting.  These girls most definitely have that bond already.  They could be BEYOND upset but when placed together, they would instantly calm.  So beautiful, so tiny and so sweet. 

Erin, you are one lucky Momma!  You have the most beautiful family and your love for each other is so evident.  I can see the love in your eyes for each other and it’s just perfect!  Congratulations on your gorgeous additions to your family.



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