Sweet anticipation!

Sometimes I get so nervous before sessions!  It’s just the way I am, I get nervous about many MANY things…I’m a worrier, I come by it naturally.  Well, after I talked with Alison the day before her session…I just knew it was going to be awesome!  I wasn’t nervous a bit to meet her and her husband and help capture those moments before baby arrives.  Those moments FILLED with laughter, love and sweet anticipation!  Even after our session, Alison mentioned how she couldn’t wait for their next session when baby was here!  Well I can’t wait either!  I love babies and I loved getting to know these two.

Right from the beginning these two were laughing and having fun with their session.  I LOVE IT!  I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time.  I nearly ended up in the river while trying to find a good view point…good thing I didn’t ask them to stand in that spot!  They were up for anything and didn’t mind at all when I asked them to stand knee-deep in the snow!  They’re the type of people you just love to know!  I’m so happy to have met you both and I can not wait to meet your new little one!  The amount of love and care you put into each other, your lives and, of course, that amazing nursery…it’s no doubt that baby is truly blessed to have you two as her parents!



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