Little one, I am so honored…and SO excited!

The one thing I can say I absolutely love about this venture I have started, is the opportunity to photograph such beautiful, amazing, wonderful people.  When I was asked to do this session for my dear friend Marcy…to say I was elated is an understatement.

I still remember (okay, it was awhile ago, so it’s a little foggy) when I met the twins.  We were VERY young and it was at our favorite getaway…the lake.  Every summer from that day, no matter how busy and how crazy life gets…we manage to meet up at that place and catch up.  Growing up we went to the same lake, attended the same school, belonged to the same skating club, and now we have little ones the same age.  (yeesh, baby fever on the block!)

I am so excited to know we will be welcoming a new little one to the neighbourhood early this summer!  Baby is due right around May long weekend, what a perfect way to kick off the summer!  I know I will be making my way down to get some snuggles in…be prepared! 

Marcy, you and your sister have always meant so much to me!  You have a beautiful family, I wonderful husband…and a VERY handsome little model!  ha ha ha what a little entertainer (might take after his mom just a bit).  Little one, who I just can’t wait to meet, this is why I am so honored…and SO excited to be able to photograph you (when you make your way into this world) as well as your beautiful family. 

Thanks so much for the visit, the laughs and the fun on Saturday!  I can’t wait for this summer!




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