I am so honored!

I love love.  It’s so sweet and fun and it’s such a beautiful thing to photograph.  There’s something about catching that moment between two people.  That moment they get lost in each other, when they are just…in love.

I love doing engagement sessions.  It is turning out to be one of my favorite things to photograph (okay honestly, every time I do a session I say that).  BUT there is one thing I can say is even more special than anything…the chance to photograph a life long friend and her fiance.

Nicole and I grew up together.  I remember when she got her new glasses, a new hair cut, her birthday party and sleep overs we had.  I remember going sledding by her house and their darn dog that would jump on you every time you fell off the sled…and we’ll just leave it at that.  Ha ha ha oh Nic I know you’re going to know what I’m talking about. 

We went to school from Kindergarten until we graduated together.  Hey she was even there the day I had my second daughter (working in the hospital!) so she was the first to know about that!  Wahooo Nic!  You must feel so lucky!  ha ha ha.

In a long-winded round about way, I just want to tell you I am so honored to be the one to take your engagement photos.  It is absolutely 100% obvious you have found someone perfect for you.  Dustin, you are hilarious…much like Nicole.  You two are cut from the same cloth and it’s absolutely fantastic you have found each other.  Congratulations on your up and coming wedding!  Nic you will make a gorgeous bride and Dustin…you will make a gorgeous groom as well 🙂 .  Don’t you think I would leave you out of this! 

Here’s a few more to have a peek at Nic and Dustin!  Your session was a blast and your images turned out great!  I can’t wait untill you can see them all!

*Just wanted to say, I got a lovely email last night that made me put on my dancing shoes!  (okay, my dancing shoes in my head because, although I did get SUPREMELY excited…I did not actually dance alone in my office).  I will be photographing their wedding this December!  I am so excited…so completely honored!  Thank you so much my dear!  (that goes for you too Dustin!)*

Okay, so the image on the right…that’s what I mean about being…In LOVE!  Seriously Nic and Dustin…just ugh!  that’s all I can say!

Really…you made my week!



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