A little bunny!

I was so very excited to photograph little Miss A and her parents!  I just knew she would be a beauty and WOW was I right!  She’s one of those babies (okay all babies are beautiful) but she’s just so pretty it’s kind of crazy!  ha ha ha!  I couldn’t stop admiring her and telling Mom and Dad how GORGEOUS she is!  She was an absolute amazing little model…slept like a baby.  Pfff for those of us who have children…that is the silliest saying we have ever heard!  She slept MUCH better than a baby! 

We did start off the session with little missy letting us know SHE is the boss.  She really didn’t like the hat we wanted to try on…so she told us…VERY loudly!  But…her Dad (a.k.a baby whisperer) managed to convince her it would be a good idea to have a nap.  Little Miss A. has been making her mind up from the very beginning…showing up nearly two weeks before her due date!  I’m so glad, since it’s Easter…we get to show off their little bunny!

Thanks so much AGAIN you guys!  You are fantastic people and you have a BEAUTIFUL daughter! 





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