Family fun…with a dash of crazy!

I was so excited when I was asked to do the Ferguson’s Family session!  They’ve just added a new little one to the gang and she’s absolutely gorgeous!  I hadn’t met her yet, but I KNEW she would be just beautiful! 

Yep…I was right!  She’s stunning!  Her dark hair and big dark eyes are just way too cute for words!  She’s equally as adorable as her older brother!  I could gush for hours about this little family!  So sweet and so wonderful!

Their little man had to show me his room and he is most definitely an entertainer.  While their little lady put on a show for the camera.  She KNOWS when she’s the center of attention and she LOVES IT!

Okay…so here’s where the dash of crazy comes in…that’s ME!  ha ha ha!  I had a spot picked out I thought would make for some really cool shots.  BUT ol’ mother nature decided she would show us just how INSANE she can be.  I thought maybe…just maybe…we could beat the snow and wind and capture a few shots.  WRONG.  Yep…just plain crazy to think I could outsmart her. 

However, we did manage to get a couple…although little missy was annoyed at the sheer thought of interrupting her nap.  ha ha ha. 

AND once we made it back to their place mother nature beamed a big golden smile down…yes…I take it she was laughing at me.  I am crazy sometimes…take a cute sweet little family out in the middle of a snow storm and expect them to smile for me!  ha ha ha you guys are awesome!  I had tons of fun with you all!  🙂 




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2 responses to “Family fun…with a dash of crazy!

  1. Wendy Ferguson

    Thanks so much for doing our family photos! We couldn’t be happier with all the shots we have seen so far…and I know there are a few that you haven’t shown us yet! I have been and will continue to recommend you to everyone I know! Your creativity and uniqueness shine through all of your photos and make us all look like professional models! I can’t wait until close to Christmas when we call you for another family session 😉

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