Something old…SOMETHING NEW!

Something Old:  My need for explenation…I just wanted to write a quick blog post in anticipation of my new venture starting tomorrow. 

Something New:  I am second shooting in my very first wedding!  I would like to note:  I consider weddings to be HUGE.  Weddings are such a big deal to me and I told myself (in the beginning, I wouldn’t push myself and I would ease into the photography business)  basically saying…”I will not shoot weddings in my first year.”  WELL…I have six booked now.  Now I really hope, if any of my brides and grooms are reading this, you are not concerned.  Ha ha ha.  I am so excited and so completely honored and YES…SO READY to photograph your wedding!  I take your day so very seriously…it’s my passion, my heart and I will make DARN sure I do the best job I could ever do.  The feeling I get from following my passion, my dream…is hard to describe.  It feels right.  It feels like I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.  I’m not trying to pound this square peg into a round hole anymore.  I am not trying to force myself to do something I know I’m not meant to do.  I am being me, following my dream and I couldn’t be any happier!  I know this is right and I know this is going to be something amazing.  So, before I head off to bed…Thank you from the bottom, top and sides of my heart to all of you who have helped me get to where I am today and where I am about to go.  🙂 

(although pussy willows have nothing to do with weddings…I thought why not…it was between them and the cow…AND since we are talking weddings…I didn’t think the cow should make her blog post appearance 🙂 )



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