Adventures in wonderland!

I take pride in my sense of direction…I’m pretty darn good at finding things, places, people…or so I thought. 

Note to self:  When taking directions from someone…listen to the whole conversation rather than hearing something and stopping at that.  🙂

The day started off pretty good.  I was ON TIME…the kids had a babysitter lined up before the night before, things were ready…I even had time to stop for a coffee!  I start down the road and my heart sank…OH NO!  I forgot something!  (CAN YOU IMAGINE…I forgot something).  SO foot to the floor gotta get home and back (now I am going to be ten minutes late).  That’s fine and dandy, I tell my out of town clients to expect me “around” the session time since I’ve never been to their home before…I can’t really judge how far it is.  (ten minutes is pushing my luck).  The closer I get, I think…hey, I’m actually going to be on time! 

Then it begins…my adventures in wonderland take over and I hit the spot in the directions where…I just stopped listening to what she was really saying!  “don’t turn” turned into “TURN HERE!”  AND when I ended up about ten minutes in the WRONG direction, I figured…yes this is wrong.  🙂  SO half an hour late…huge appology and feeling kind of silly…our session began

and WHAT A SESSION!  This little man was absolutely perfect!  He snoozed the whole time!  Aside from a few little “accidents” 😉 we were able to get so many beautiful shots of this little darlin.  He’s one lucky little man too!  It’s so obvious he is surrounded by love.  Both sets of grandparents, mom and dad, as well as a BEAUTIFUL and vivacious little sister were present to see baby work his magic!  I feel so blessed and so fortunate to meet the most wonderful people.  Thanks for having me out to your home (even though I was late) to help capture that brief moment in time when they are sooo innocent and sooo pure.  He’s absolutely beautiful and you have every right to be the most proud parents in this world (and in wonderland) 😉



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