…and it continues

SO after last weeks fiasco, I figured I was on the road to “direction recovery”.  However, this story did not start out as fantabulous as the last…

No baby sitter was found until the night before (even with that I was on tight restrictions), very scattered…and well…just crazy!  After everything was said and done…I was going to be late again *sigh*…or so I thought.  As I was getting closer it appeared I would be there ON TIME!  YAY.  I had the directions and when I got them I opened my ears as wide as they could go and really “listened”… 

WELL I introduced myself to their sweet little neighbour since…I didn’t really listen.  🙂  Good thing I like people…and I don’t really get embarrassed when I do silly things since it’s happened about 7ooo times in my lifetime.

Eventually I found their home and the session began…

Again, what an amazing little man!  Mom just walked over with him, plunked him down (well gently, as any mom would with a newborn) and little man stayed asleep!  TOO CUTE!  However, he changed his mind very shortly and decided it was snack time!  All is good, I was able to unwind from my craziness and enjoy a great cup of coffee with some wonderful people! 

We captured some beautiful shots with Mr. O and his mommy and daddy.  What proud adoring loving parents…and what an amazing grandma he has!  We finished it off with the little man lookin’ fierce while playin’ it cool.  he he he

Aaaaaah I just love babies.  How can you not when they are this cute!  He’s so perfect…make sure to take in every moment while he’s tiny.  They grow way too fast.  That innocence is a gift we are given for only a short time.  It’s so beautiful…and I just know you’ll cherish every moment.



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