Ava’s Angels!

So where does a mom begin?  How do you thank people for embracing you in the moments in life where you’re not sure what’s up or down?  When Ava was born it quickly became clear who shon above all others and stood out like stars in a very VERY dark night.  We were so scared, so alone and all I could think of was how we were going to get through everything on our own.  That was one of those “scary strange” thoughts parents often have when they are told their child has a life altering disability and or illness.  How are we going to make this life work with, what seemed like, the worlds biggest hurdle standing in our way.  Then…one by one, my questions were answered.  I was shown how beautiful and how kind the human race can be.  Before I had my daughter, I was rather sinical…somewhat negative towards…well anything you could be negative towards.  She changed me to the core with her presence.  She has shown me there is strength in friends, family, togetherness, community…in me!  She has shown me, largely, through the kindness and compassion found in strangers and through friends. 

It’s down right humbling when you are presented with that sort of love and support.  Those shining stars showed up as friends who sat by my side for hours in the NICU while I just held my baby.  Stayed by my side so I didn’t have to be alone.  They showed up in phone calls and messages left on my phone at the Ronald McDonald house that would bring a smile to my face after a long tiring day.  They showed up as gifts brought by mom and dad every weekend when they came to spend time with us and our angel.  And they came in the form of a group of guys from Tisdale, who ride for a cause, to help those in need. 

We are so blessed to be given the opportunity to see these shining stars and the beauty that comes with them.  This past weekend we were able to go back to their rally and show off our healthy vivacious little girl.  The one they helped us with in so many ways.  Our little girl they embraced with open arms and their giant hearts.  Not only did they help us ease our financial trials with taking our baby to Edmonton and spending five weeks in the city, they taught us a lesson in humanity.  The kind of lesson we should all learn and really take note of.  We should all live that lesson, teach it, pass it on and be thankful for it. 

I have never been very good at showing gratitude and thanks…but how do I even begin?  How do I say thank you for teaching me, my daughter and my family a lesson in life we will hold onto forever?  I hope you know you all hold a special place in my heart.  So to “Ava’s Angels”, the name I have given EVERYONE who has helped us in the past, who will help us today and will surely be there to help us in the future.  Thank you from the bottom, top and sides of my heart.  And thank you to the Independant Riders, we had a fantastic time and can’t wait to come out again next year!  




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3 responses to “Ava’s Angels!

  1. Jaime

    This was absolutely beautiful. I think you put your heart into words very well. And the pictures are beautiful as well, and very powerful! I love this post!

  2. Shannon S

    Vanessa, you made me cry. Very beautiful post=)

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