Their kind of love…

It isn’t hard to describe their kind of love.  It’s simple, sweet, and very small town.  They both grew up in tiny town Saskatchewan (I can’t even call it small) and both came from very different families.  She from her quiet modest german background, he from his large…LARGE typical Saskatchewan roots.  However, it’s the subtle differences that come together to make a perfect pair.  Manuela and Kevin are just down to earth fun-loving people.  Not only that, they share two gorgeous children with amazing vivacious personalities.  They are truly blessed.  The evidence only piles up when you take a look at their friends.  It’s easy to see how easy these two are to love by the loyalty in their crazy (yet incredibly adorable and amazing) friends!  Ugh…it just makes my heart melt.

I have always been told the lord, a higher power, the universe…whatever you will call it…gives you exactly what you need.  Well I can say I definitely needed this pair.  They were absolutely fantastic to work with.  I was incredibly nervous for my first wedding and just wanted to give them so badly what they deserved…gorgeous wedding photos.  I certainly hope I was able to provide them with their dream photography…because they are certainly my dream clients!  Thank you both so much…for everything!  You have helped me grow so much in my business and I dare say I made a couple of pretty awesome friends out of the deal!

You guys are an amazing couple and I wish you all the best in your future!  I agree with Kevin’s sister…there should definitely be a couple more little ones in the future!  😉




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2 responses to “Their kind of love…

  1. Just gorgeous! Way to go on your first solo wedding!!

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