Hiding in your closet!

Every woman dreams of the perfect dress.  It’s like the ultimate hunt.  She plans, researches and hunts for the perfect gown.  Every woman is different…some spend months draping their bodies in countless yards of satin, silk and lace…others spot one and instantly fall in love.  It is undoubtedly the most gorgeous article of clothing she will ever wear.  How can it be anything but…it’s her wedding dress. 

However, something funny happens after she wears her dress…it gets shunned…to the back of the closet…tragic.  For some it may hide for 25 years before it emerges on a daughter or a friend who flounces around at her silver wedding anniversary.  For others…it may eventually find its way to the trash…like I had said…TRAGIC!

This is where the fun comes in.  Why not trash that dress in style!  I want to give away a trash the dress session to a lovely lady and her dapper gentleman and give her another chance to feel amazing in that satin and lace!  We will be photographing the winner in her dress in less traditional places, without the worry of getting dirty or wet before a reception or supper.  It’s a way to be more artistic and creative in that amazing gown.  BUT I have to give it away to a lovely lady who really wants it.  SO this is where I want you to email me and tell me why you want your very own trash the dress session!  It can be any reason!  I will choose the winner on August 29th…based entirely on why you would like a trash the dress session!!!

I have several locations in mind and would love to stretch my creative wings with someone who would equally love to dive into this session!  I am so excited and hope hope hope I find some equally excited ladies (and gentlemen 😉 )

SO email me via the contact page and tell me why you would want to trash the dress (no no we wont actually ruin your dress…okay well I can’t guarantee that…but it will be a blast!)




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6 responses to “Hiding in your closet!

  1. Now I really, REALLY wish I had a wedding dress 😦

  2. Leslie Woolsey

    I sooo wanted to do that after our wedding but didn’t have the heart to dirty my pretty dress….and well didn’t quite get organized to do it in all the chaos. I just might have to enter your contest when I get a spare moment.

  3. nicole reuer

    So wish I wasn’t so far away or I’d have to give this a shot, I love, love, love my dress!

  4. Jo

    My dress has been sitting in my closet for 15 years! I think it’s time I do something with it lol.

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