Simply beautiful, with my kind of twist!

She’s absolutely stunning…obviously, by looking at her images it’s pretty clear to see.  She’s simply beautiful…with my kind of twist.  THAT DRESS!  I LOVE every bit of it!  The colour might have something to do with it, and the style, and the details…I LOVE IT!  Not only is she gorgeous but she has a kick butt personality to boot. 

We went to one of my favorite places (can you guess?) as a girl I went there every summer and I just happened to have my wedding dance and reception there.  Plus my grandparents live right down the road (which on another note comes in very handy when there on an evening shoot and I forget bug spray).  She had a grad barbecue down the road that night and we managed to hide from the traffic which was more than likely her friends heading out for a night of fun!  (which I heard was quite crazy…doesn’t surprise me one bit 😉 ) 

Thanks dear for the afternoon!  You have an awesome family (may be a little biast…ha ha ha) and I had a blast with you all!  Good luck in your future endeavours, I know you’ll take the world by storm!





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2 responses to “Simply beautiful, with my kind of twist!

  1. Just gorgeous! Beautiful shots Vanessa!

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