a fairy tale beginning

Andrea was my second bride to contact me for wedding photography.  Yep, I was nervous but wow was I excited.  Once I had booked several weddings this year I decided I better get my buns in gear and figure out exactly what should be done for these guys and gals.  SO I followed around a couple of AWESOME ladies and got a feel for what the flow of the day should be like.  All in all, it’s pretty easy (mind you stressful and nerve-racking for this photographer)…hurry up and wait…follow the bride and groom and snap away at as much as possible.  HA HA HA okay I’m not making it out to be very glamorous.  BUT it’s pretty darn amazing.  You get to watch two people who love each other so much they make the decision to commit to an entire lifetime together.  You get to watch them say their vows, make their promises and most importantly watch them while they relish in the deepest love they have ever felt.  It’s simply amazing. 

When shooting Carson and Andreas engagement session it was clear these two were in deep.  It made it even more exciting thinking about their day and what they would have planned.  AND…it was perfect, it was gorgeous, it was absolutely everything the two of them had dreamed of.  Surrounded by family and friends who clearly love these two more than words can say, they said their vows and started their journey with a fairy tale beginning.



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