My Dream Wedding!!!

Yep, I titled this MY Dream Wedding…selfish…OH YES!  BUT I mean every bit of what I say.  I even told her “If I get married again you are going to be my wedding planner.”  Probably should have said if I renew my vows, since I’m not planning on marrying anyone else.  Anyway, I digress and will continue with gushing about this amazing day.


Honestly, from the photographers perspective…I never want to start out a day like this EVER again.  I am fairly certain I nearly gave my poor bride a heart attack.  I won’t get into details, but her amazing personality shone through with our phone conversation that morning.

Fast forward to the arrival.  I was completely and utterly floored by her details.  She had thought of every little thing and every little thing was completely perfect.  You could sense the comfort and the connection these two have by the way they floated around quickly, yet with purpose and ease.  Most brides I have met aren’t this calm, relaxed, just ready for their day.  Formal photos were before the ceremony so the groom and his boys arrived before to have the bride give the finishing touches on their hair.  (she is not only stunning and amazing with details, she is an extremely talented hair stylist!).  After everyone was primped, pinned and pretty we headed out for the day.  It was yet again, another day filled with perfection.  The temperature was cool and crisp but the sun shone beautifully and brightly all day.  It was just easy.  The whole day was comfortable, fun, simple, yet stunning…it reflected the two of them beautifully.

I would love to take this time to thank the two of you as well as your amazing family and friends for making us feel as though we were one of the “guys”.  tee hee…I’m so funny.  You two are a perfect pair, you’re love for each other and your gorgeous daughter is apparent in every move, every word and every breath you take.  Congratulations!



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