The first storm, a winter wedding…and attempting perfection

The night before Kyla and Jeff’s wedding the snow began to fall softly and I smiled, knowing the ground would be covered in a blanket of snow that would finally cover the brown landscape we come to know as late fall in Saskatchewan.  I had everything ready to go, including a couple of rock star assistants (one of which affectionately calls me his wife).  I drifted off peacefully and slept soundly (something I am finding more and more difficult as things progress…but I will touch more on that a bit later)


The morning of…quite a different story.  The snow was still falling…with much intensity…and we knew we would be in for an interesting ride.  BUT rain or shine, or snowstorms…a photographer has one place to be…with his or her bride and groom.  When we arrived at the first location, we discovered Mr. and Mrs. “to be” had some interesting hiccups a few days before the wedding…including the morning of.  BUT Jeff had a calm and easy way about him, it was his wedding day…he was marrying his best friend…and nothing could change how perfect that was.


With the second location we found a house of busy ladies…EXCITED ladies…and my Kyla.  I call her my Kyla cause I love her to bits.  She was one of the first brides to contact me when I officially opened the doors to my business.  Right from the get go she was full of energy, kindness, beauty…and I instantly felt comfortable with her, like we had been friends for years.  Yet, with all the excitement and growing nerves, you could see it in her eyes…she too was marrying her soul mate and she couldn’t wait to start the rest of their lives together.


Okay, flash back a few nights…I had the most horrible nightmare!  I dreamed I woke up on Sunday morning and had completely missed their wedding day.  I was sick, panicking, crying…how could I let such an amazing couple down?  How could I do this to my Kyla and her amazing fiancé?  Well, to say the least I was pretty pumped when I woke up and figured out it was only a Photographers Nightmare.  Good grief, this sleeping thing is growing more and more difficult.  Like last night.  I went to bed late after working on the business side of things and found myself dreaming MORE terrible dreams of upsetting my Kyla.  I dreamed she hated every one of her images.  Again, sick, panicking, crying…woke up feeling like a ball of crap.  Why do I do this?  I don’t know…well I suppose I have an idea.  I am what one would call a perfectionist.  I found out during a training seminar I was involved in a couple years back, you can be COMPLETELY unorganized and scattered…and still be a perfectionist.  I am a people pleaser, want to make everyone happy and if it doesn’t happen…I feel broken.  Not the best and easiest thing to live with in life…but I think it’s pretty important in Photography.  Let me just say, in no way do I think I am a perfect photographer.  In no way do I think I ever will be, it’s a learning curve, a challenge, a battle with one’s self to improve.  There is ALWAYS room for improvement.  But, each and every time I attempt perfection and although I tend to love the images I give out…sometimes I am worried my clients will hate them.  Okay, I’m always worried, who am I kidding.


Anyway, in keeping with attempting perfection, couples plan their wedding days with as much detail and worry as a photographer plans their wedding day photography.  However, sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way it is planned.  Kyla and Jeff had some interesting twists to their plans, but like it always does, it all seemed to unfold and work out in the end.  Weddings.  Photography.  Life.  We all attempt a perfection we manifest in our own minds.  However, the world, God, the universe…whatever you will call it…has a way of changing things to make them their own.  Life would be pretty uneventful, bland…boring if we weren’t handed unexpected surprises and circumstances.  It’s just a matter of taking them, making them our own and calling them our own kind of perfect.


Kyla and Jeff, you are, in my opinion, the perfect couple.  You are kind, loving, caring.  You have so many friends who would do anything for you…and I don’t doubt for a second why.  Your day was perfect, it was your own and it was sooooo beautiful.  Thank you for allowing me to share in those moments.  Your wedding day, the planning, and your friendship.  I hope hope hope you love your images.  I still have a sick little butterfly floating around in my tummy after last night’s dream.  🙂  Again, thank you for everything!




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2 responses to “The first storm, a winter wedding…and attempting perfection

  1. Kyla Fountain

    Thank you soo much Vanessa! I do LOVE each and every one of my images. They are all great. I couldn’t have chosen a more gifted photographer if I searched the world over!

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